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Bożydar Piotrowski holds a master degree in textile faculty which constitutes his basic educational background, and additionally, he has passed post diploma study of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTECTION RIGHTS, in which domain he obtained over 20 years of experience, and he is entitled to practice before POLISH PATENT OFFICE. His field of activity are patents, utility models, trade marks and copy rights including all procedural steps before POLISH PATENT OFFICE and Polish law courts. He is very skilled in handling intellectual property affairs and he co-ordinates a small but a very effective and flexible team of specialists of various technical and educational backgrounds, as patent agents, lawyers and translators. This group can deal with any technical and legal matter and deal with any procedural steps concerning failing , registration and protection of applicant ,s laws and intellectual property..

Now he is willing to enlarge the scope of his activity and to co-operate with similar patent
attorneys to act as a representative of applicants who want to proceed in national phase before
Polish Patent Office with PCT international applications.

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Bożydar Piotrowski
AL. Piłsudskiego 135 p.306
Tel. 0(42) 674-11-92
e-mail: biuro@patentowa.com.pl